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Dorm Room workout

Dorm room workout for students

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What’s a perfect GPA without good health and a toned physique? College life is not always about prata suppers and rushing assignments through the night. If you’ve not joined a sporty school activity, have a go at these simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your dorm room!

Desk push-ups

Ditch the regular push-ups in favour of something that requires less space; we do know that dorm rooms can get pretty cramped. Besides, push-ups also work just fine when done against a desk!

To begin, stand about five foot-lengths away from your desk, keeping your body upright and your feet apart. Next, make sure that your feet are in place as you move your body towards your desk. Get into a push-up position with your hands on the surface of the desk, and start your set of 20 push-ups.

Shoulder press

This upper-body workout, which utilises makeshift weights, is an effective way to train one’s deltoid muscles and triceps. All you need are two 1.5-litre bottles, filled to the brim with water or sand.

Holding these bottles at shoulder-level with your palms facing up, lift your arms above your head, straightening your arms. Stay in this position for three seconds before gently lowering your arms back into their original position. Repeat this routine at least 10 times.

Seated stretches

Don’t underestimate what you can do with your humble desk chair! To start this exercise, sit upright in a sturdy chair (without wheels) with your back straight. Place both hands on either side of your body on the chair for balance, if necessary. Stretch your right leg out and lean forward to touch its toes, and hold in this position for ten seconds. Return to your original position and repeat using your left leg, completing 10 attempts for each side.

Seated scissor kicks

Forget the boring sit-ups. You can also tone your abs using your chair in your room by doing some scissor kicks.

Simply sit upright in a sturdy chair, positioning your buttocks nearer to its edge. Place both hands on your chair for support. Keeping your upper body straight, lean back a little and stretch your legs out in front of you. If you can, try not to touch the chair’s backrest.

Keeping your legs straight throughout, swing them open a little before bringing them close together, with your right foot above your left. Do this again, but with your left foot above your right. Repeat this routine 20 times, or until you feel the strain in your abdominal muscles.
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