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Unconventional ways to burn calories

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Training Tips

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We undoubtedly burn more calories when moving about or utilising muscles from different parts of the body while exercising. However, you can incorporate fitness and exercise into your daily life with some of these unconventional methods.

You’ve heard the old adage - laughter is the best medicine. Although laughter cannot cure deadly illnesses, it does aid in improving one’s health. Research has proven that laughing for 15 minutes straight can actually help burn up to 40 calories. When you laugh, your facial muscles are worked, your heart beats faster, and your metabolism speeds up. Full-belly laughs also engages the stomach muscles, helping to work the abs. Now who’s got the last laugh?

Wave good riddance to sedentary office life! Ensure that you keep moving while at your desk by fidgeting. Moving your swivel chair from side to side while keeping your upper body straight not only helps to work those stomach and pelvic muscles, it also prevents you from getting bored at work. Otherwise, you might consider putting on headphones and grooving to some music - shake your legs, tap your feet, and simply find some healthy fun to spice up your work life. Such physical activity is bound to help burn off those calories that you ingested during lunch at your favourite chicken rice stall.

Go shopping
Shopping might be bad for your wallet, but it certainly is beneficial to your health - it’s essentially a form of brisk-walking, isn’t it? Dashing from shop to shop to get the best deals is actually a good form of exercise, and studies have also shown that an average woman burns up to 385 calories a week just by shopping. In fact, shopping hardly consists of walking only - digging through the racks for the perfect size, trying on outfit after outfit, and even lugging your haul around definitely constitutes a thorough workout.

Take a cold shower
In order to maintain normal body temperature when faced with a cold environment, the body speeds up the rate at which it burns calories to create heat. Ideal for our stuffy tropical climate, a cold shower is not just refreshing, but also a good way to lose some calories in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Do housework

Allocate at least an hour a day to household chores. Not only will you be able to keep your house clean, you’ll also be able to burn off that cheesecake  you indulged in during the day. Work those biceps while scrubbing at stubborn stains and carrying that bulky vacuum cleaner around. You can even squeeze in a stretch by extending your legs and back while cleaning hard-to-reach areas under the furniture. Blast some upbeat music to complete this unique workout - you’ll find yourself moving faster to the beat.

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