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Singapore makes great strides in the ASEAN Modern Penthalon Championship 2016

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Singapore made one of its best ever showings at a pentathlon competition at the recently concluded ASEAN Modern Penthalon Championship 2016 in Thailand.

Held over five days at Namsai Beach, Singapore delegates took home three medals, consisting of the ASEAN Youth Bronze, ASEAN Youth Team Silver and ASEAN Senior Team Silver.

While 13-year-old Ian Izree Bin Md Hairul Nazwa took home two medals in the youth categories for the republic, that was not the only promising showing made by the Singapore team. 

ASEAN Modern Penthalon

Kok Kiat Xuan in action during the ASEAN Modern Penthalon Championship 2016 in Thailand. Photo: SMPA

Kok Kiat Xuan, William Leow and Md Hairul Nazwa Bin Dol made Singapore proud by winning the silver in the senior team category despite only having had a month of training.

Facing an unfamiliar environment and unexpected conditions, the Singaporean athletes’ ability to adapt to their new surroundings paid off as did their preparation before the competition.

“We did our best to get the best out of it. There were a lot of unknowns. I don’t know the pistols, and there was sunlight. There were a lot of rules that we were unfamiliar with initially because it was held on a beach,” said 22-year-old Kiat Xuan.

“To me, I am quite happy with the overall result because I was able to overcome all these challenges.”

Besides having to use borrowed laser pistols, the Singapore team also had to run the race on a sandy beach instead of the usual hard road.

Kiat Xuan said the team did well to react to unknown factors and plan their race accordingly.

“The most important thing is the adaptation. After we got all the information, we managed to strategise our game well. We knew our shooting won’t be to our advantage, so we worked on the swim and the run part.”

William, who has only been in the sport for two months, was also elated at the unexpected result. 

ASEAN Modern Penthalon

William Leow taking aim during the ASEAN Modern Penthalon Championship 2016. Photo: SMPA

“I am very happy considering its my first time doing this. Although I have swimming and running background, I have no shooting experience other than in army.”

“So with the three disciplines put together, I am very happy with the result.”


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