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Popular diets that are more fad than facts

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The Cabbage Soup Diet
This diet consists of exactly what the name implies. It involves subsisting on a very limited diet, primarily made up of cabbage soup, for one week, with promises of rapid weight loss. Aside from a number of small tweaks one can make to their cabbage soup, this diet comes with no other weight maintenance habits or exercise suggestions one can implement to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. In truth, the diet promotes losing weight in a very unhealthy and dangerous fashion due to the severe caloric deprivation you’ll subject yourself to during its course.

Master Cleanse Diet
The Master Cleanse Diet is a liquid diet meant to detox the body by flushing it clear of toxins and other impurities. Made up of phases such as the Lemonade Diet, which involves drinking a special lemonade mix six to 12 times a day, or whenever you feel hungry, the Master Cleanse diet claims that through the removal of toxins, weight loss will naturally follow.

However, there has been no scientific evidence indicating that the Master Cleanse actually removes any toxins from the body. Much like the Cabbage Soup Diet and other crash diets, this type of weight loss will also most likely be followed by the subsequent regain of weight, making it neither safe nor sustainable.

Grapefruit Diet
The Grapefruit Diet utilizes the idea of fat-burning enzymes found in grapefruits. It boasts impressive and quick results, and can take on various forms. Some of these only require you to have a grapefruit or grapefruit juice with every meal, reducing the need to change any eating habits. Others involve the need to cut down on starchy foods and carbohydrates.

Despite some reports claiming the existence of a fat-burning property in grapefruit, studies indicate that a person would have to eat at least 40 grapefruits in one sitting for it to have any effect. Aside from it being a low-calorie, high nutritious fruit, grapefruit does not possess any other magical powers that would help with weight loss.


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