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How much is too much dairy?

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Most people who place great value on having a proper breakfast in the morning are likely also to emphasise consumption of dairy products, whether during breakfast or otherwise.

dairy products

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After all, it’s easy to encourage eating dairy products with the notion that doing so will help prevent the likes of osteoporosis and arthritis in the long term.

However, according to a food pyramid constructed by the Harvard School of Public Health, dairy products are actually not an essential component of a nutritious diet, and over consumption of dairy products could lead to health risks over time. In fact, some studies have shown that a plant-based diet free from dairy is the best option in terms of preventing cancer and other diseases.

While you should certainly not begin avoiding dairy products, balancing the amount of acidity that milk introduces to the body might be a prudent thing to do, as this acidity might actually lead calcium deposits in the bone, and ironically long-term inflammation in the area.


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Many have also turned to chocolate milk for post-workout nutrition, considering the drink an inexpensive option as compared to branded sports drinks. This is because milk contains various kinds of hormones and metabolites, including testosterone, which reportedly aids in recovery.

Naturally, moderation is key and it’s important to ensure a variety in one’s diet. If you’re worried that you might be consuming too much milk in your bid to protect yourself from the ailments mentioned above, you can also opt for oatmeal, which is a popular breakfast food packed with calcium.

Given that dairy products are not considered health foods, it’s important for those who are consuming a lot of dairy products to pay attention to any change in health or the development of particular symptoms.


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