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Aerial Workout workout

Get your feet off the ground with these aerial workouts

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Looking for something different in your exercise sessions? Try some of these aerial workouts to take your fitness levels to new heights.

Emphasising strength and agility, these aerial workouts should make your usual exercise routine more challenging and memorable.

Aerial WorkoutPhoto: Shutterstock

Pole dance
Pole dancing is a misunderstood craft – think more gymnastics and less ‘strip club’. Pole, as it is affectionately termed by enthusiasts, is gaining popularity rapidly these days, and offers a fantastic core workout and cardiovascular training. Additionally, it helps participants feel more comfortable with their bodies.

Regular sessions in a pole dance studio usually means you won’t ever have to do the usual sit-ups or crunches ever again, as a pole routine can certainly be more exhausting than a typical gym session.

It’s also not just for the ladies: yes, men can “pole” too!

Aerial WorkoutPhoto: Shutterstock

Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga, also known as swing or anti-gravity yoga, is much like traditional yoga, except that you’ll be utilising soft, fabric hammocks suspended from the ceiling.

Moves can range from the same traditional yoga poses to other aerial adaptations. They include simple stretches while sitting in the hammock and more advanced moves that could see you hang upside down from the fabric.

Aerial yoga emphasizes on flexibility and balance more than traditional yoga, as you’re provided with greater freedom to move when hanging from above.

Aerial Silk
Ever been to a circus show and thought about flying and tumbling around like the graceful acrobats on show?

In aerial silk, you work with two pieces of nylon fabric to build both strength and artistic grace. It is great for building upper body strength in particular, which many other workouts might neglect.  

Aerial WorkoutPhoto: Shutterstock

Lyra, or also known as Aerial Hoop, is done with a steel hula-hoop suspended in mid-air.

There are numerous poses to attempt in Lyra, and you can most certainly achieve that perfect Instagram shot after some practice. Lyra enthusiasts swear by the shoulder, arm and core training that the routine provides, and you’ll definitely feel your muscles burn at the end of a session.

As a whole, aerial workouts can be very enjoyable and fun, due to the thrill of being suspended in the air.  They might appear to require a lot of finesse – after all, you are working against gravity – but many studious offer a range of difficulty levels to cater to different ages and skills.

These aerial workout sessions are great for increasing stamina and fitness levels, and some studies have indicated that aerial workouts are also good for keeping blood pressure low.


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