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bread nutrition

Consume bread made of quality grains like whole wheat or rye

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A lot of the times, the kinds of bread found on supermarket shelves and breakfast tables everywhere comprises of refined wheat, despite their whole-wheat claims. The process of producing refined wheat typically leads to the loss of most of the beneficial nutrients in wheat, and hence does little to nourish the human body.

To make matters worse, most people prefer to have their bread toasted, considering toasted bread to be more palatable. However, eating toasted bread reportedly increases the amount of acrylamide in the body and the risk of cancer. Nevertheless, some nutritionists argue that toasting bread can sometimes lower the glycaemic impact of bread.

Bread became a staple in the human diet for a number of reasons:
•    Cost-effective, as compared to meat, dairy, and even greens
•    Grains have long been easy to cultivate
•    Bread is versatile option that can be used in many different ways
•    Carbohydrates are the brain’s main source of fuel

breadPhoto: Shutterstock


Over time, we’ve grown aware of many other alternatives to bread, which are produced from a variety of quality grains.  The reason why they’re considered better and healthier options is because these whole grains tend to include the usage of the whole kernel in its products. Eating quality grains can reportedly help keep your heart healthy, as well as prevent diabetes and colon cancer.

Examples of quality grains include whole wheat, rye, barley, and quinoa.
According to experts in the field, for a grain to be considered wholesome and good quality, it has to retain 100% of its bran, germ, and endosperm – all of which provide a variety of benefits for one’s body.

The bran (the seed’s outer skin) is the provider of fibre, while the germ carries most of the disease-combating and metabolism-boosting goodness, and the endosperm works as the germ’s food supply.

breadPhoto: Shutterstock