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CoachSG to enhance and support the development of capabilities and standards in coaching

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Sport Singapore is launching CoachSG in May 2017 as part of efforts under Vision 2030 to enhance and support the development of professional capabilities and standards in sport coaching. 

The implementation of the goals of Vision 2030 are designed to provide participants in sport with access to quality experiences that inspire lifelong participation and personal development in character and life skills. Coaches play a central role in delivering these experiences and building values such as teamwork and resilience. CoachSG will work with coaches to enhance their competency and skill sets, enabling them to stay relevant in today’s constantly evolving sporting landscape and to prepare them to be leaders in the sporting ecosystem.

Headed by Troy Engle, CoachSG will design and deliver a holistic programme of formal and non-formal professional development opportunities for coaches to develop skills and capabilities in the areas of technical proficiency (‘What to Coach’ skills) and methods of instruction (‘How to Coach’ skills). In addition, an emphasis will be placed on developing coaches as leaders and for coaches to recognise their role in inspiring our people to live better through sport (‘Why We Coach’).

Said Engle, Director, CoachSG: “Coaches play a vital role at all levels of the sport eco-system. They are one of the most important influencers for the next generation who are starting out in sport. As we continue to raise the bar for Sporting Singapore, it is absolutely vital that coaches have opportunities to develop and enhance their leadership, coaching and instructional skills. We will also work closely with stakeholders to raise the professionalism of the coaching industry.”

Ahead of the official launch next year, CoachSG will be conducting monthly engagement sessions with current coaches and other stakeholders from 19 December 2016 to April 2017, to involve them in the design of the academy’s programmes. Interested coaches can sign up for these sessions by emailing with their contact details.

With the introduction of CoachSG, members in the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) will be given priority enrolment and preferential rates into various coaching courses and activities organised by CoachSG, the respective National Sports Associations and other organisations.

NROC will also introduce Provisional Membership from 3 January 2017 in order to involve more coaches in the academy programmes.

Valid for three years, the Provisional Membership will allow both existing and aspiring coaches to participate in academic, educational and professional development activities to improve their coaching expertise while they work towards completing all requirements of the full NROC membership.

The other requirements for registration for NROC have also been reviewed. 

Said Justin Teh, President of the Sports Coaches Association of Singapore: “The introduction of CoachSG and the enhancements to NROC will positively impact coaches’ professionalism, and are a step in the direction of advancing and raising the value and stature of sport coaches in Singapore.”

About National Registry of Coaches (NROC) 

The National Registry of Coaches (NROC) was created in 2004 to raise the standard and professionalism of sports coaching in Singapore. It serves to ensure minimum technical qualification of sport coaches, to ensure that practicing coaches continue to improve and that coaches provide a safe environment for their athletes. Today, there are over 2,000 coaches listed in 37 sports in the NROC and their profiles are made available in an online public database.   

Coaches in the NROC are duly certified under the Singapore Coach Excellence (SG-Coach) Programme (formerly known as the National Coaching Accreditation Programme or NCAP) in their respective sports and must hold Standard First Aid certification (including AED). They are committed to abide by the Coach’s Code of Ethics and meet the requirements for Continuing Coach Education Programme.

From 3 January 2017, the NROC will introduce a provisional membership category to allow existing and aspiring sport coaches to participate in academic, educational and professional development activities to improve their coaching practice as they work toward completing all requirements of full NROC membership. Over a 3-year provisional membership period, they will be given priority enrolment into various coaching courses and activities organised by SportSG, their respective National Sports Associations/ Sporting Organisations and other organisations. The aim is to prepare them to obtain the necessary certification to become a full member within the NROC and to stay current in the practice of sport coaching as a profession.


The second enhancement of the NROC is in the review of the sequence of courses within the SG-Coach Framework. Coaches will now be able to enroll in required certification courses based on course availability and their interests rather than a prescribed, sequential order.



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