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4 fun and cool workouts to try for young adults

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Working out can sometimes be a misunderstood term that brings to mind repetitive gym sessions or a boring long run. Although these activities are not without their merits, they don’t necessarily spell “fun” for many and could be the reason why some people consider keeping fit a chore.

Here are some other kinds of activities that might just make working out a little more exciting:

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Zumba has taken the fitness world by storm. A fun dance workout, it keeps people coming back for more with its upbeat music and Latin dance-inspired moves, which makes participants feel like they are at a party instead of a fitness session.

Nonetheless, the exercises in a Zumba class can be major calorie and fat zappers. An average person will burn around 600 to 1,000 calories in a Zumba class and you’ll find that you have improved stamina and coordination after a few lessons.

You can book Zumba classes at ActiveSG, with studios all over Singapore.

These unique classes incorporate swim techniques and the glamour of making your mermaid dreams come true –mermans are welcome too!

Mermaid tails come in different shapes and sizes, and some can be incredibly heavy.  As such, mermaiding is a great fitness activity that requires serious core muscles to carry out. The swimming classes involved in mermaiding also provide strength-training and teach techniques on regulating breathing, all while you maintain the grace of a mythical sea creature.

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The world is your playground in parkour, where you can bound down a flight of stairs feeling like a superhero, instead of heaving your legs slowly step by step.

This particular form of physical training develops your ability to overcome obstacles, both physical and mental, while increasing your overall fitness. Although parkour might appear to be mostly for male youths, there are classes catered for kids and women too.

Jumping Fitness
Channel your inner kid when you bounce on your personal mini trampoline during jumping fitness, also known as bounce fitness. Your heart rate will soar as you attempt tuck jumps, shuffles, squats and more to energetic beats of pop music.

Recall the glee you felt jumping on the bed as a child – only this time, you get the added benefits of a great ab and thigh sculpting workout. Jumping fitness is well-rounded in terms of building cardio fitness and body conditioning, and is actually a more intense workout for your body than going for a short run.

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