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Workout on the Go

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workout on the go

by Sportsanity

Too busy with work or life but dying to exercise? We feel you, the growing pains of the 21st century. 

Don’t worry, whether you are actually exercising or just going around doing those mundane things in your daily life, you are actually still burning calories.The scientific name for it is non- exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Althought we might not be working up a sweat while shopping or doing housework, every minute spent off the couch is another step towards good health.

So the question would be can I burn more calories than I currently am while going about my everyday life? The answer is YES! Here are 10 simple things you could improvise into your daily routine to keep yourself somewhat fit even if you are way too busy. Sometimes, it is the little things that go the longest way.

To find out what the 10 simple things you can improvise, read the full article at SportSanity here.

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