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Sports Safety

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It is important to practice safe sports to avoid injury. Proper conditioning, understanding potential danger and paying attention to the impact of your sports activities are key.

Depending on your chosen sport, there may be different safety precautions you should adhere to. A professional coach can offer you guidance on proper usage of equipment, correct techniques and other safety instructions. Some general guidelines are outlined below.


Fitness Level

Your training programme should take your overall fitness level into consideration so that you do not end up overworking yourself. Gradual increase in intensity will reduce the chances of injury.

Rest and Recovery
Adequate rest and recovery are crucial in any training programme. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep and take care of your nutritional needs. Fatigue leads to lack of concentration, which can result in injury.

A comprehensive training programme should include a warm up and cool down routine. These should incorporate stretches to help increase flexibility, loosen muscles and joints and prevent muscle cramps. Stretching also aids with recovery after intense exercise.

Use equipment the correct way to minimise risk of hurting yourself. A professional coach can help demonstrate the proper way of using various equipment for different sports.

Technical Skills

Learning proper techniques will allow you to use proper form. This will prevent over-straining of certain muscles and joints. Technical skills also include balance, flexibility and agility, which help you to maneuver better without hurting yourself or others.

Managing Sports Injuries
A qualified coach is well-equipped with first aid procedures. If a coach is not present, always ensure that at least one team member or individual present during a match is trained to administer first aid in the case of injury. Do also make sure that there is a first aid kit on hand at every match.

All first aid kits should contain:

  1. Bandages

  2. Tourniquet

  3. Scissors

  4. Alcohol

  5. Thermometer

  6. First aid manual

  7. Safety pins

  8. Tweezers

  9. Gauze dressing

  10. Surgical gloves

  11. Painkillers

  12. Antihistamine tablets

  13. Insect cream

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