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Sport Singapore and International Paralympic Committee partners to spearhead para sports in the region

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Following a very successful ASEAN Para Games one year ago, Sport Singapore announced on Wednesday a partnership with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to develop para-sports in Singapore and the region.

sportsg IPC partnership

Sport Singapore announced a partnership with the International Paralympic Committee to boost para-sports in the region at the Singapore Sports Hub on 23 November 2016. Photo: Sport Singapore

An educational framework for para-sports coaching and technical competencies will be established over the next two years under Singapore Sports Institute’s coaching development programme.

In line with the Disability Sports Master Plan and Vision 2030, the Sport Singapore-IPC partnership will bring para-sports to another level as they will be offering official courses in areas such as coaching, technical officiating and classification within para-sports.

“The value of the partnership is to increase our capacity and capability to support the professionals that we need to develop the entire sporting ecosystem within disability sport,” said Troy Engle (below right), Director of Coach Development of the Singapore Sports Institute.

“Our first focus is on the coaches because we know that without the coaches who can provide an experience to the participant, we really won’t be able to retain people or recruit them.” 

sportsg IPC partnership

Photo: Sport Singapore

“In the longer term, we hope to expand to things like technical officials or some of the other professionals.”

Ryan Montgomery, IPC Summer Sports Director, said: “As the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement we are delighted to establish this partnership with Sport Singapore and share our expertise in sports technical, Paralympic awareness and NPC management education. We are convinced that SportSG will be a true leader in developing IPC Sports and NPCs in Asia, with a focus on the Southeast Asian region, and are looking forward to the many successful programmes to come.”

There has been a growing awareness for para-sports and persons with disability since the APG last year, and this partnership will also give people who want to volunteer and support the cause an opportunity to do so.

“I think there are a lot of people out there who are willing to help, but they don’t have the right avenue,” said Eugene Ting, a swim coach.  

“So this is a very good partnership that is a good movement for Singaporeans, be it for coaches or for people with impairment.”


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