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Project Heart 2016 trains and certifies almost 1000 Team NILA volunteers

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Almost 1000 sports volunteers from Team Nila have been trained and certified in CPR and AED as part of Project Heart 2016 at the OCBC Arena on Saturday.

The annual initiative by Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) saw 120 instructors from SHF and 50 newly certified instructors from Team Nila leading the participants through lectures, role-playing activities and hands-on simulation. 

Team Nila project heart

Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng learning about CPR during Project Heart at the Singapore Sports Hub. Photo: Sport Singapore

The event was graced by Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth Baey Yam Keng, who also learnt about CPR and AED himself.

“It is a very meaningful partnership between Team Nila and Singapore Heart Foundation because we do have 10 or more cases everyday where people need help in CPR and AED,” Mr Baey said.

“It is a life skill that many Singaporeans ought to learn. So as Team Nila volunteers, it is also very useful because during sporting events such emergencies could happen and if you are able to offer help within minutes, you can really help save a life.

“I am really glad that 1000 volunteers would be learning these new skills. For some of them, it is refreshing what they have learnt in the past because we do need to practice to keep ourselves up to date.

“I hope that more people will respond to this initiative and learn a lifesaving skill and make ourselves useful in the community.”

Nearly 1,900 people in Singapore suffer from cardiac arrest every year and the survival rate is a tiny three per cent. And every minute of delay in providing lifesaving treatment would lower the victim’s chance of survival by seven per cent.

Project Heart aims to improve the chances of surviving cardiac arrest by educating and equipping more people with CPR and AED skills. 

Team Nila project heart

Team Nila and Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng being briefed during the lifesaving course. Photo: Sport Singapore

Many of the participants from Singapore’s largest force of sports volunteers turned up for the lifesaving course as they thought this skill would come in handy in the future.

“It will be very useful. If and when, anytime anybody should collapse, if I am there, I can render my help,” said Peggy Ong.

Michele Chia Mitin, who regularly volunteers for Team Nila events, feels that this skill is useful both during sporting events and during her own time with her family.

“Because I am active in Team Nila … in a number of roles, we need a certification in CPR and AED,” she said.

“This CPR and AED skill is very important for me. The good thing is that I can help my family members if something happens to them while we are waiting for the ambulance.”


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