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Orbi technology

Orbi to produce first 360-degree video recording eyewear

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Wearable tech startup company Orbi has quickly reached its $75,000 fundraising goal and will begin production on the Orbi Prime — the first 360-degree video recording eyewear in 4K resolution. 

The company was founded by a veteran team of hardware and software engineers from established institutions (MIT, UC Berkeley, and Electronic Arts), as well as, photographers, videographers, and many other individuals along the way.

Acting as a “regular” pair of sunglasses with a twist, Orbi Prime when placed over your eyes is all it takes to begin recording.

With 4K resolution (1080p), and a 360-degree video capture ability, the sports-oriented Orbi Prime provides a clear and polarized, eye-level POV. The glasses also have a 90-minute recording time, water resistance (IP64 rating) and are encased in a lightweight and durable, polycarbonate frame.

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