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Object Control Skills for Kids

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Object control skills require your child to control an object using a part of the body or using an implement. There are two types of object control skills:

Propulsive – sending an object away (e.g. throwing, kicking, striking, batting)
Receptive – receiving an object (e.g. catching, dribbling a ball, receiving a shuttlecock)

Propulsive skills are easier because your child is in control of the object that he sends away. In contrast, receptive skills require perceptual and coordination skills to move one’s body into position to receive the oncoming object.

In daily living, as well as in many games and sports, there is often a need for both propulsive and receptive skills (e.g. catching a tossed pillow and passing it on or receiving a shuttlecock and sending it back). Object control skills include:

Underarm Rolling

Underarm Throwing

Overarm Throwing

Two handed Throwing



Dribbling with Foot

Overarm Striking

Two handed Sidearm Striking


Dribbling with Hand

Dribbling with Long Implement

Click on the category or the pdf link to find out more. Object Control Skills [10.7mb]

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