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National Standards for Youth Sports Parents Guide

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Be Encouraging
Encourage your youth to try a variety of sports at a young age, and show your interest in their development through regular communication and involvement. Hold back any negative judgment and be constructive in your comments. Acknowledge the role that sports can play in the holistic development of youth.

Be Inclusive and Participative
Give everyone a fair chance to play. Involve all youth in sports activities and be supportive of any level of participation, whether high or low. Show your support and interest by participating in the activity as well.

Be a Role Model
Uphold sporting values and standards, and work with coaches or sports instructors to develop the same values and standards in your youth.

Respect Others
Show respect towards officials, coaches, teammates and opponents, and influence your youth to do the same.

Be Watchful and Alert
Keep watch of the individuals who work with your youth and ensure that they have adequate training and experience.

Manage Expectations
Instead of a 'win-at-all-costs' attitude, teach your youth to enjoy the game and accept success and defeat as part of it. Remind youth that excellence is a journey.

Applaud All Efforts
Winners should be congratulated, but be sure not to neglect anyone who has put in their best for the sport, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Click on the document or PDF link [572 Kb] to find out more on how your child can learn values through sports and how you can play with them, support them and watch over them as they participate in sports.


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