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Locomotor Skills for Kids

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Locomotor skills move the body from one location to another. Many locomotor skills are used on a daily basis (e.g. running after a bus, leaping over a puddle), as well as in many games and sports (e.g. jumping up to catch a ball).

To move with control, your child will need good balance, as well as an awareness of the environment in terms of effort, space, and in relation to people or object. This is because body movements often occur in relation to at least one of these factors and seldom in isolation.

Example: If your child spots a friend from a distance and wants to greet him, he has to walk in the direction (space) of his friend (relationship – people) quickly (effort) before he loses sight of that friend. Locomotor skills include (in ascending levels of difficulty for most children):




Jumping off a Height

Jumping for Height

Jumping for Distance





While children attempt the above locomotor skills at different pace, many would learn to walk at about one year old, progressing to run and jump at about two. From about three, they start to explore leaping, sliding, galloping, hopping and skipping. To master these skills, children need instructions at an early age and lots of opportunities to practise them… and in the course of it, have fun!

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