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Last Car Free Sunday of the year filled with fun and unique programmes

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Whimsy was in the air during the last Car Free Sunday for 2016 as ActiveSG organised sporting booths and programmes to keep the young and old alike active and entertained.

Apart from the usual football and basketball tryouts, this edition saw a Christmas-themed Imagination Playground and athletics station, as well as a new exercise programme called SaberFit. 

car free sunday

Children in action at the Imagination Playground during Car Free Sunday at the Central Business District. Photo: Sport Singapore

The Imagination Playground is made up of many large blue foam blocks, which can be stacked and put together, similar to Lego blocks. The idea is to help kids develop different aspects through building their own playground.

“There is the creative part where kids can build their own snowman or Santa Claus, so this is in line with our Christmas theme today,” said Miriam Lee of Sport Singapore.

“There is a social component where kids can interact with each other. And the last component is motor skills, so we encourage kids to build certain obstacles and structures so that they can balance, jump and run around.”

Six athletics stations were also set up around the Imagination Playground, and all of them were Christmas-themed as well, in line with the upcoming holiday season.

“For example, we have the hurdles over there. We called it ‘Reindeer Crossing’, so the kids will wear the reindeer horns and hop across. This is to develop their running skills as well as coordination," added Lee.

Also at Car Free Sunday for the first time was a new and unique exercise programme called SaberFit. 

car free sunday

People in action at the SaberFit station during Car Free Sunday. Photo: Sport Singapore

Launched just a few months ago during GetActive! Singapore, this Star Wars-inspired exercise is now picking up steam and has gotten the attention of both the public and companies due to its fun and whimsical nature.

But it’s not all fun and games with SaberFit as this hour-long exercise programme also translates into an intensive workout session.

“SabreFit is a full body workout that combines sabres, sabre striking techniques and different exercise movements into a full body toning experience,” said Ryan Ho, Founder of SaberFit.

“Each workout combines cardio, plyometrics and leg work, as well as core and abs to form this workout.

“Each SaberFit workout will also include a ‘duo fit’ component where participants get to work in pairs and get to clash sabers so it’s something that participants really enjoy and get to keep fit at the same time.”