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IMeasureU technology

IMeasureU tracks biomechanical load of basketball players

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Athletes want to get the most out of themselves physically without further risking injury. IMeasureU is aiming to help by creating a tool that can precisely manage training and game loads for athletes.

Thor Besier, a world-renowned bio-mechanist and co-founder of IMeasureU wanted something that would allow him to get lab-quality metrics, but in the field. The tool that he and Mark Finch (founder and CTO) created is a small, lightweight sensor that can measure acceleration and angular direction in three dimensions.

While the sensor can be used for a variety of sports, researchers at New Zealand-based IMU have initially decided to focus on the sport of basketball.

“From a biomechanics perspective, you’ve got huge humans playing a high-intensity sport on hard floors, indoors,” CEO Matt Clarke said.

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