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How your child will benefit from sports

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Research has indicated that children should be involved in at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Fostering an active culture will not only ensure that your kids have fun, but will also provide them with a variety of physical, cognitive and social benefits.

Here are some reasons why every child should engage in sports:

Develops key motor and athletic skills

Sports participation helps to improve a child’s physical fitness and stamina. Besides that, engaging in a variety of sports also helps the child develop balance, agility, and coordination.

Promotes health and wellness

Engaging in regular physical exercise ensures a child stays healthy by increasing cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of obesity as well as inducing healthy bone and muscle growth.

Builds self-esteem and confidence

By participating in physical activity, children are able to try new things, conquer their fears and learn to trust their own abilities, thereby increasing self-confidence.

The sense of achievement they get upon seeing their hard work pay off on the field boosts their self-esteem and serves as a form of motivation, indicating that they can achieve their any goals as long as they set their mind to it.

Improves social skills

When children interact with others during sports, they learn how to work in a team, building off each other’s successes and strengths.

Apart from sportsmanship, they will also develop perseverance and learn how to cope with failures as well as develop problem solving and communication skills that will be beneficial to them on and off the field.

Excel in academics

Participation in sports has been shown to help children improve their focus and memory, as it would require them to remember rules and apply strategies during a game.

Evidence has also suggested that children will apply the same principles of dedication and effort to their studies, leading to academic success. Furthermore, engaging in physical activities would be a great way for children, who spend plenty of time in school, to relax and recharge.

As your child engages in sports, it is important that they maintain a balanced diet full of essential vitamins and minerals to support their level of physical activity. Parents are also encouraged to set good examples by being physically active themselves and engaging in sports with their child together as a family. Doing so will help them bond with their child and understand him or her better.

Incorporating sports into your child’s lifestyle should lead to healthy habits that will stay with him or her even as they enter adulthood - so get your child started today!


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