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housework workout

Housework Workout

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One of the most convenient ways to clean, vacuuming can also be a great way to work out. To make the most of this chore, you should stand upright with your right leg apart and in front of your body, with the vacuum cleaner before you. Practice bending your right knee so that you are lunging forward with every movement, and lunge as low as possible to get the best of your workout.

This enables you to work your hamstrings, tone your thigh muscles, while defining your hips as well. Make sure to keep your back straight, so your abdominal muscles can also be trained. Be sure to switch hands while holding the vacuum hose in order to balance the amount of work your arms are doing.


Dusting high and hard-to-reach places can be a form of working out as well. Instead of using a stool to reach these places, you should aim to do so by tip-toeing, which gives your calf muscles a good workout. Additionally, lifting your arms for long periods of time also helps tone your arms. Stand with your back straight and legs spread shoulder-width apart. Tip-toe and hold for around five seconds before resuming your normal stance. Repeat this action again in order to train your calves.

Cleaning windows

Whether you’re using a window wiper or just a plain rag to clean your windows, it is very hard work, especially since you’ll need to expend a certain amount of strength to scrub off the blemishes caused by rain and dust. The act of scrubbing the windows works your arm muscles, the bicep muscles in particular.

Scrubbing the floor 

Keep your floor clean and shiny by scrubbing your floor the old-school way. Using a damp cloth, you should scrub the floor while on your hands and knees, putting strength into the cleaning to give your arms a workout. Your shoulder muscles are also worked during this activity.

Extra tip 

One way of encouraging yourself to move more while doing housework is to play your favourite music. The music should preferably be fast-paced and upbeat, as you are more likely to move according to the song’s beat.


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