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Healthier desserts for the sweet toothed

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Many of us tend to crave something sweet every now and then, leading to some unhealthy eating. It may be hard work sticking to a healthy eating plan especially if you have a sweet tooth, but instead of being too hard on yourself and forgoing the occasional sweet treat, why not put together a sweet yet healthy dessert?

The key to including desserts without breaking your healthy eating streak is enjoying one that’s not overloaded on calories, fat and sugar. In order to achieve this, moderation is key, and learning to stop yourself before you overindulge is of vital importance. Try sensible portions, and whip up a dessert that doesn’t include too much butter, nuts or cream frosting.

We have a few ideas lined up that not only allows you to get a little dose of sugar into your diet, but also helps you to upkeep a healthy lifestyle.


Fruit leather
Fruit leathers are homemade fruit rolls; a tasty, chewy, dried food product. They are made by pouring mashed fruit onto a flat surface for drying. When dried, the fruit is pulled from the surface and rolled. For the diabetic adult or child, fruit leathers are a healthy choice for a dessert that is made without sugar.

Baked stuffed apples
An easy, warm dessert, baked apples are simple to make and taste delicious. Scoop out the core and stuff the insides with a mix of oatmeal, cinnamon and nutmeg. The baked apples soften into a spoonable treat while remaining a healthy dessert.

Frozen grapes
Instead of turning to ice cream for a frosty treat, why not give frozen grapes a go? These small bites are not only easy to make, but also chocked full of quality nutrients like flavonoids – phytonutrients that help to decrease the risk of heart diseases. Grapes are also excellent sources of manganese, which helps to build healthy bone structure. Simply pop some into the freezer at work or home, and you have a sweet little treat that tastes great.

Mixed nuts
Mixed nuts is an easy way to get a delicious dose of protein. Put together a few varieties like almonds and pistachios, topping it off with some dried fruit for some added sweetness. These nuts are a good source of heart-healthy fats, protein, as well as disease-fighting vitamins and minerals.

Low fat cookies
Cookies can be extremely high in calories and loaded with sugar, but substituting some of the ingredients will help you make a comforting, guilt-free cookie. Diet-friendly cookies typically contain less than three grams of fat, and can be made simply by using egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Extra tips:
  • Use apple sauce instead of oil when baking.
  • Cut down on the amount of sugar used.
  • Incorporate more fruits.


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