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Gatorade gx sports fuel technology

Gatorade's Gx sports fuel customization platform provides look at hydration of the future

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Gatorade is scheduled to start commercializing its Gx sports fuel customization platform in the first half of 2017, rolling out its 30 oz. squeeze bottles and pods filled with colorful Gatorade formulas to consumers.

When customers start using personalized Gatorade concentrated formulas in pods and squeeze bottles with integrated pod piercers, it will have come after the company collaborated with lead innovation partner Smart Design to develop the platform while running trials with major sports teams as they fine-tuned the product. Test subject Billy Donovan, then the head coach at the University of Florida, tried out an earlier version of the bottle with a bottom-loading pod piercer when things suddenly got messy.

“That exploded out actually on the head coach’s clipboard, and they’re not going to use something after it does that, so we made changes because of it,” said Drew Palin, Gatorade’s director of long-term innovation.

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