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Fit for function test news

Find out how fit you really are with the FIT for FUNction Fitness Test

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Singaporeans who want to find out how fit they are, or in which area of fitness they are lacking, can go for the FIT for FUNction Fitness Test, which is organised by ActiveSG and Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

Fit for function test

A participant registering for the FIT for FUNction Fitness Test at the Toa Payoh Sports Centre. Photo: Sport Singapore

The third of four FIT for FUNction Fitness Tests at Toa Payoh Sports Centre on Sunday saw the attendance of many senior citizens, as well as some young adults.

Consisting of seven stations, the aim of the test is to help people access their fitness in the various aspects of strength, flexibility, balance, agility and aerobic capability.

“After they go through the various stations, we will also go through their results and let them know how they stand among their peers,” said Lee Xin Yi, President of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

“And then we can actually share with them what are some of the exercises or programs that could be suitable to help them improve in the areas they need more work in.

“For example, if you balance is not so good or your flexibility needs a bit more work on, you can join things like yoga and pilates, and these can actually help improve your core strength as well as your flexibility.”

One of the participants on Sunday, Gabriel Lim, was particularly pleased that he was able to get a holistic assessment of his fitness, without paying a cent. 

Fit for function test

Gabriel Lim in action during the FIT for FUNction Fitness Test. Photo: Sport Singapore

“I’m quite happy that I can come for this test. If I want to do this at a clinic, it will cost me close to $100 if I am not wrong, plus for the results, I will also need a doctor to advise,” the 50-year-old said.

“This one is … free of charge. You only spend 20 minutes and you can check the major muscles and how good you are at flexibility.”

Lim also hopes that these fitness tests can be a regular fixture in the future as it will allow him to track his fitness progress over a longer period of time.

“What I think is after six months, you can do a review on your own. Now they recommend me to take pilates class, so now I go do a yoga class or some other sports,” he said.

“So after six months, I come back to assess myself whether in that area I have been improving, and to test how far I can go after attending these classes.”

The final instalment of the FIT for FUNction Fitness Test will be held at Jurong West Sports Hall on 19 February 2017 between 8 am and 1 pm.


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