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Bulking for dummies

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You’ve probably seen guys strutting around your gym with their boulder shoulders and Himalayan backs, grunting and bashing out rep after rep at the power rack and slaming down huge shaker bottles of thick coloured fluid. So do you wanna get big or simply just find out more on it? You've come to the right place so get ready as we help you pack on mass for your next beach party!

Before we dive in to the interesting stuff, let’s start with the more technical aspects.

First of, “The First Law Of Thermodynamics” This basic physics principle states that “the total energy of an isolated system cannot change” and that “energy can be neither created nor destroyed”. 

So what does this mean to you? Simply put, the energy derived from whatever you eat must go somewhere, be it a simple bodily function such as breathing or a vigorous sprint session. Energy is also used to produce new cells in a process known as anabolism and likewise cells can also be broken down for energy in another process called catabolism.

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