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late night snacking nutrition

A guide to curb your late night snacking

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Every athlete aspires to be the best and more often than not it comes with some sacrifices. Having to eat healthier, bulk up and of course cutting that late night snacking habit which is often the most difficult. 

Sometimes we justify that munching on something small every once in awhile is no big deal. But do that 7 days in a row, it will add up. Depending on the nature of your sport, the damage done differs. 

Here are some simple tips for you to experiment as you try and curb that late night snacking:

1) Eat regular meals through the day If you are trying to lose weight, remember to never totally deprive yourself. Your stomach will get back at you. There is no point skipping dinner because you’ll end up just being hungry and eventually succumb to eating after. Dinner is a meal that is hard to avoid especially after a long day. Try eating more frequently, it helps.

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