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The importance of timing in nutrition

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timing in nutritionPhoto: Shutterstock

Our efforts in the gym can be rewarded if we understand the regulation of our metabolism, our changing hormonal profile and our resultant body composition. By coupling an understanding of the timing of nutrition with these factors, we can achieve outcomes such as muscle development, performance and fat management.

For starters, many of us underestimate the importance of a good breakfast in the morning to jumpstart our metabolism, preferring instead to focus on pre- and post-workout nutrition plans. Perhaps it is more important to strategize our efforts ensuring we have a consistent daily calorie intake and ensure we’re eating food of good quality.

We can start off by having a fibre-rich breakfast, accompanied by protein. Breakfast is the perfect time for the body to absorb the necessary amount of fibre and set the tone for the rest of the day, especially with regards to your insulin and sugar levels.

timing in nutritionPhoto: Shutterstock

Fibre also slows down digestive processes for a more sustained release of energy and protein provides a great boost to your metabolism. This is bound to get your cylinders firing for the long day ahead.

Another interwoven factor to the regulation of metabolism and the timing of nutrition include our circadian rhythms. Studies have found that circadian clocks drive metabolic physiology, although the former is also dependent and sensitive to metabolic change in general.

Despite such studies typically being complex, they are rooted in some simple ideas, namely that the timing and nutritional composition of meals can and will regulate circadian rhythms, particularly in the peripheral tissues.

If we choose not to fuel our bodies at the start of our day, we’re telling our metabolisms to slow down, and our bodies will end up storing more fat and shut off muscle building, which will counteract our efforts to build strong and healthy bodies.

timing in nutritionPhoto: Shutterstock


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