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Dancing to the beat at ActiveSG Fitness Master Class

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Rhythmic swirls and frenetic beats were the theme at the latest ActiveSG Fitness Master Class held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall on Saturday.

Fitness devotees were in for a treat as instructors from Ghana, the USA and Singapore demonstrated three of the latest fitness trends. 

ActiveSG fitness master class

Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah (KUKUWA Fitness, Creator) leads the Kukuwa Dance Workout during the ActiveSG Fitness Master Class. Photo: Sport Singapore 

Created by Professor Kukuwa Kyereboah-Nuamah, the Kukuwa African Dance Workout is a workout that melds the music of the African continent with the movement and dances of those countries.

"I teach not only the culture but also the dances of the countries. I love sharing my culture with different countries," said Professor Kukuwa.

“That’s why we’re here in Singapore today, to share African culture and dance. Every dance movement has a meaning. And every dance movement works every part of your body," continued the professor of dance at George Mason University.

The next workout was U-Jam Fitness, “an urban, athletic, hip hop dance flavour programme and it’s now springing out all over in Asia," according to instructor Chua Sock Ling.

Finally, there was POUND, “a rock-out workout that is inspired by the freedom of music and drumming,” said Amanda McVey, POUND Director of Education. 

ActiveSG fitness master class

POUND participants pose for a picture during the ActiveSG Fitness Master Class. Photo: Sport Singapore 

“It was created by two female drummers based in Los Angeles and it’s all about empowerment and letting out your inner rock star and sculpting your body," she continued.

Participants got to use the “Ripstix”, lightly weighted drumsticks, to combine drumming with a high intensity exercise workout.

Christine Goh, who was there to workout with her friends, said: “I think the most fun part is when you really, really know the song, and I really, really sang along with one of the songs and it felt great. Like, if you’re in a very angry mood today, POUND is like the best workout.”

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