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acid vs alkali nutrition

Acid vs alkali in food

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acid vs alkaliPhoto: Shutterstock

Our body works hard to maintain an internal pH level of approximately 7.4, which actually leans more toward an alkaline state. It is important that we understand the importance of maintaining this level via methods such as consuming the right kinds of food, to prevent not just the onset of acidosis but also to decrease our risk of illnesses.

The composition of modern diets makes the likelihood of the consumption of too much acid higher than too much alkali. When a body’s pH levels traverses past the point of equilibrium, the body starts to borrow alkaline minerals and compounds from one’s bones and from fluids that run through the body in order to maintain said balance.

A quick search on the internet will reveal several proposed solutions to prevent this build-up of acidity, including goji berry juice, which has been studied for its cancer-prevention properties.

acid vs alkaliPhoto: Shutterstock

Research indicates that an acidic environment tends to induce the clumping of red blood cells. Patients that were given one to 15oz of goji berry juice daily experienced benefits such as a consistent blood cell count despite undergoing chemotherapy and a decrease in blood pressure levels in those plagued by high blood pressure.

Apart from that, patients also demonstrated increased energy levels throughout the day, enjoyed better quality of sleep and were less likely to feel down.

The decision to eat the right kind of food should also be backed up by drinking a sufficient amount of water. As the water composition of our bodies stands at 70%, the metabolic capabilities of our bodies rely on a sufficient amount of water to ensure nutrient absorption.

Certain herbalists extol the benefits of drinking spring water, which has a slightly alkaline nature. Others suggest consuming herbs that are more diuretic in nature to encourage the drinking of more water.  

acid vs alkaliPhoto: Shutterstock


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