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Sports you can do as a family

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Looking for a fun family activity to engage in with your loved ones? Move over, game night. Working out as a family is an exciting and economical way to bond and stay in shape. If you’re not sure where to start, try one of these activities below:

1.    Team sports
Getting involved in a team sport is a great way to include your extended family. Whether it is football or netball, anything goes. All you need is a ball and tonnes of enthusiasm!

2.    Biking trips
Dust off the bikes and bring your family out for a ride. Plan your route around Singapore’s beautiful parks using the handy park connectors. You can even head down to Bishan Park, where you just might catch a glimpse of the nation’s favourite otter family!

3.    Post-dinner jog
A post-dinner jog is a simple way to keep lean and fit. Gather everyone for a light jog and burn that extra bowl of rice that you had at dinner! If that’s a little too much for you after a particularly heavy meal, try a nice stroll in the evening breeze instead.

4.    Marathons
Rather than having them support you from the sidelines, encourage your loved ones to join a marathon with you! This is not just a test of endurance; success will taste even sweeter when attained with your loved ones by your side.

5.    Hit the pool
With a huge selection of swimming pools available around the island, heading out for a dip with your family members is a perfect way to cool off in our humid climate. Get some laps done in one of ActiveSG’s public pools at highly affordable rates!

6.    Hiking
There’s plenty of underappreciated natural beauty on this little red dot that we call home. Go for a morning hike with your family and soak in the sights, sounds, and fresh air, taking in the best that Singapore has to offer. Visit the NParks website for some great trekking suggestions!
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