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Shed those kilos in 2016 with absolute, unreasonable and uncomfortable dedication

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I admire people who are happy, healthy and confident in their own skin whatever their size. If that is you, then perhaps, today is the day you can get the “weight monkey” off your back and celebrate your body the way it is. However, if you feel there is a lighter you within who wants to come out in 2016, then read on.

This is the top-secret nugget —Don’t wait to be slim before you act slim.

Think healthy, act slimmer, and walk sexier now, this will help you make healthier choices when faced with options in your day-to-day life. Declare how much weight you really want to lose in the next 4 months and then believe that you can do it.

I was once observing the morning guests in a hotel’s breakfast buffet and what I noticed was that the ones who were overweight were piling their plates with everything, whereas the fit ones only took a small quantity of nutritious food.

It's so obvious, yet people still claim to desire a slimmer body, while they continue to overindulge. Act healthy now and you too will soon have the body you desire.


colours and nutrients
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Stick to veggies, lean protein and fruit that’s lowest in sugar. Drink a lot of water and green tea to replace the incessant hand-to-mouth habit. Keep a jug of water with mint leaves handy.


Walk everyday for 70 minutes in the morning, this will help to kick start your metabolism and practise 45 minutes of weight training, yoga or Pilates as well. Add to this 40 stomach crunches a day, (you can easily build up to this with daily practice). 

Yoga improves digestion and circulation, leading to better respiration. Photo: Shutterstock

The benefits of exercise, especially Yoga, are far more than just the calorie burning value. It improves digestion and circulation, leading to better internal respiration.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Take notice of all the times in a day when you are most indulgent and change your routine to fit your goal. If you are the kind who can’t watch TV without snacking, then either switch to the green tea and water, or just don’t watch TV at all, or get a treadmill. Yes, it is harsh, but we are talking about being unreasonable. If you can’t go out without drinking, then don’t go out, if you can’t watch a movie without popcorn, then don’t watch movies. Getting it? Being reasonable, will only keep you where you are with lots of “reasons” why you can’t lose weight. If you want Results instead of Reasons, then you need to be unreasonable.

Disclaimer: Be aware that our bodies will tell us to eat more, because of homeostasis and wanting to retain the status quo, so be discerning and at the same time careful. You don’t want to fall ill or faint, and at the same time you don’t want this fear to keep you where you are. If you do find this too much and you feel unwell, please see your doctor; be safe. Your safety and well-being is your responsibility.

This article was contributed by Malti Bhojwani. She is the author of several books including “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” and “The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach”. She has been coaching and facilitating using body-emotion and language cohesion to individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs internationally for over 14 years. Malti is an affiliate facilitator of transformation at Aberkyn - Change Leadership Facilitators, co-founded with McKinsey & Co. She’s also a certified life coach (International Coach Federation ICF - PCC) trained in NLP, Ontological Coaching, somatic work and Yoga which she uses to support people find balance in their lives and learn to cope with challenges. Malti used to be obese when growing up in Singapore, she never passed the physical fitness test or completed the 2.4km run, she is now healthier and slimmer than she has ever been.

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