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Incorporating the right nutrients in your diet for healthy aging

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Besides the physical changes, our body goes through significant internal alterations as we age. Hence it is important to keep a well-balanced diet, in order to maintain overall health.

Here are some methods to work the nutrients you need into your meals:

Replace liquids with milk to boost your calcium intake
We’re not just referring to drinking. There are plenty of instances where you can replace liquids with milk in your meals, hence including more calcium in your diet.

For instance, you can substitute water for milk when preparing oatmeal or other hot cereal options for breakfast. At dinnertime, milk can be used as a base in Alfredo sauce to go with your spaghetti. Desserts are no exception, of course. Try making whole-wheat pancakes and waffles using milk instead of water in the batter.

Keep the peel
Save the effort and prevent the nutrients from going to waste by keeping the skin on the fruits and vegetables you consume. The outer skin of many fruits and vegetables hold disease-fighting antioxidants, so you may want to think twice about discarding them and their nutritional benefits to the bin.

If the surface of certain fruits (like the fuzzy peels on kiwis) puts you off from biting into them, throw it into a blender instead and transform it into a smoothie to make the texture more palatable.

Leave protein to the side (dishes)
When one thinks of ways to include more protein in their diet, this usually involves the main dishes such as replacing red meat with fish or skinless chicken. While that is one way to increase your intake, it is also possible to take it one step further by pairing these with protein-packed side dishes as well.

Hummus is a great side dish that can be used either as a dip or a spread in sandwiches. Alternatively, you can get creative with your dumpling fillings by including foods such as quinoa and avocado to the mix. Even something as simple as adding more beans to your salads and soups can help as well.

Go ‘whole’ to pile up on dietary fibre
Besides switching white bread for the wholemeal option, there are a lot of ways to incorporate fibre in your diet. For example, you can start out with wholegrain or high fibre cereal during breakfast. Try serving whole-wheat spaghetti at the dinner table, or you can even switch to whole-wheat flour when baking.
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