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Fun ways to work out with your pet

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Training Tips

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We all love our pets, in part because they adore us equally as much as we do them, or perhaps even more. They follow us everywhere, and love us with an unbeatable devotion. Here are some ways you can get your beloved pets involved in your workout, which will also help to get your pet in shape!

Cycle with Your Pet

Slip a leash on your dog , and hop onto your bicycle for an easy workout. Be sure to cycle at a slower speed, as your dog might not be able to catch up if you go too fast. Additionally, a slow ride on the bicycle is a good way to start, as too intense a workout can cause more harm than good.

Be sure to hold the leash firmly or tie it to the handlebar of your bicycle, and use a harness leash instead of a collar leash. Once your pet is secured, simply start cycling and your pet will follow at a jog or run, according to your speed. Make sure to take breaks, though, as smaller pets get exhausted easily. Another alternative to opt for if you want to maximise your workout is to have a pet carrier or basket on your bicycle, so your pet can rest in the carrier when they’re tired while you continue cycling.


You will need your pet’s favourite toy in order to carry out this activity. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and hold your pet’s toy in both hands, with your arms outstretched. Slowly squat down, and once down, tap your pet with its toy in order to get his attention. Rise up again, while still holding onto the toy with arms outstretched. Your pet will jump to reach his toy, thus ensuring that both you and your pet get a workout

Kitty Sit Ups

Cats are notoriously sedentary pets, preferring to lounge around the house as compared to dogs, who can be very active. However, most cats have a love for moving lights, and will frequently chase these lights.

Facing a wall, hold a flashlight in your hand as you do some sit-ups. Lie with your knees bent, holding your elbows bent and hands behind your ear. Move your upper body so that your elbows meet your knees. Once in this position, point the flashlight at the wall and wave it around, so that it attracts your cat’s attention and causes it to chase or jump at it.

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