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Facebook stadium technology

Facebook pretty much killed sports apps overnight with Launch of its Sports Stadium

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Facebook stadium

Every year, every season, there are moments that transcend sports and become a cultural event. And in the Social Media Era, the media reporting on it no longer controls the narrative of these moments, but rather they are formed organically through regular people who see, react, and digitally distribute their “OMG! Did you just see that!” statements.

Twitter has long been the forum for people’s visceral reactions to what they see live, but filtering the noise that accompanies this medium can be frustrating. There are also smaller sports moments, meaningful to the fan bases involved, but lacking the world beating power of the Fail Mary, Linsanity, or American Pharoah’s Triple Crown. Now Facebook, in their attempt to take over the world, has introduced a one-stop-shop for your sports moments called Facebook Sports Stadium

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