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Easy exercises for seniors with mobility issues

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Slight mobility issues may involve unsteadiness when walking, muscle weakness, joint problems, or neurological problems  (brain and nervous system).  When attempting the following exercises, seniors should remember to do so at their own pace and ability, and consult a doctor before pushing themselves. Start with five or ten repetitions then slowly increase this number. If possible, do these exercises  three times weekly.

The High Step is an exercise to increase overall balance and as well as hip and leg strength. Stand at the back of a chair facing the side and hold it for balance. Bend one leg at the knee and lift slowly as high as you can go. When you reach the maximum height you can go, try to hold the position for five  seconds. Put your foot down and raise the other knee. Try not to put all your weight on the chair. As you get stronger, you will be able to raise your leg higher without using too much of the chair for support .

The next exercise is Stand up - Sit down, which will improve your coordination, joint motion and strength. Stand in front of a chair, then sit down. Then stand up again. You can use your arms to help you push off the chair, slowly decrease the dependency of your arms. Do this exercise for about three minutes. When you first attempt this exercise, take it slowly in case you get dizzy from standing up too quickly.

The following  exercise allows you to sit on the chair. It will  help strengthen your back, stretch chest muscles and improve your posture. The shoulder shrug is done by sitting down with your back straight. Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, and then release them. Then raise your arms to just below shoulder height and pull your arms back until you feel your shoulder blades squeezing. Repeat this two movements 15 times each.

Toe and heel rises is another exercise you can do to help improve ankle strength. Stand behind a chair and face the side. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart,  your toes pointing forward and knees slightly bent. Keep your chin tucked in and shoulder blades back. Then, raise  your heels such that  you are standing on the balls of your feet. Hold for three seconds and lower your heels. After which, raise your toes while balancing on your heels. Repeat these two movements 10-15 times each.

The last exercise is to walk. Try walking for as long as you can manage then slowly build it up to walking at a constant speed for five minutes. When you can achieve this, start walking a little faster. You can warm up and cool down with the exercises above.

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