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singapore haze workout

5 workout ideas during the haze

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by Peng You Xin

 singapore haze

Photo: John Yeong / SportSG

With Singapore clouded in haze, many of us have taken precautions by staying indoors. Doing so will keep you away from your daily run or weekly football session, but that doesn’t mean you should stop building up your fitness. Here are some alternative forms of exercise, to keep those muscles in tip-top form:

1. Yoga or pilates
Instead of going for your usual run, take it slow during the haze with some yoga or pilates. Such forms of exercise will not only help you stay healthy, but the meditation aspect also helps relieve stress. Simply sign up for a session at your local gym or community centre. If you prefer practicing in the privacy of your own home, get a yoga mat, search for some yoga videos on YouTube, and start stretching!

2. Going to the gym
Who says you can’t get in a good run during the hazy period? Just do it indoors, on a treadmill in the gym. The gym is a great place for you to work on your cardio health and tone your body. You can also challenge yourself by lifting some weights. Not sure where to start? Just ask the friendly gym advisors or instructors, who will certainly be glad to help.

3. Futsal
If you prefer getting a workout in a group, try futsal. While some futsal venues are still in the open air, the indoor version is very popular in Singapore, and can be practiced at certain facilities even with the haze. Indoor futsal pitches, such as The Cage, have been springing up all over the island, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding an appropriate venue to practice your skills.

4. Bowling
A sport suitable for all ages, bowling is a great, affordable way to bond with the family as well. With convenient locations like Orchard Bowl or SuperBowl, why not bring your whole family down to the lanes the next time your outdoor activity gets ruined by the haze?

5. Home workout
If you prefer not to leave the house during this hazy period, you can still sweat it out with a home workout. Exercises like burpees, squats, push-ups and star jumps are easy to do indoors, and they require minimal equipment or supervision. You can always head online for a high intensity home workout, if you’re game to push yourself a little harder.

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