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OCBC Cycle 2015 news

Fitness, fun, and family at OCBC Cycle 2015

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From keeping active and healthy, to bonding as a family, and even picking up important life lessons, the kids’ and families’ categories featured at last weekend’s OCBC Cycle proved to be a fruitful experience for all those involved.

Let’s take a look at what some of the participants had to share about their fun-filled weekend ride!

Wendy, Wee Boon, Kai He, Kai Xin, and the couple’s nephew

OCBC Cycle 2015

Photo: SportSG

Out in full force bright and early on Saturday morning was the Tan family, which comprised of Wendy and her husband Wee Boon as well as their two children. Commenting that the OCBC Cycle’s inclusion of junior event categories was beneficial to the children, Wee Boon said: “I wanted to expose the kids to a healthier lifestyle.”

However, it seemed that the most important takeaway for the couple’s kids, Kai Xin and Kai He, who rode alongside their cousins, was a lesson on perseverance.

“Kai Xin fell down halfway through but picked herself up and continued with the ride. For Kai He, he used a very small bike. It took him a lot of effort to cycle but he continued without giving up. I thought that the values that they learnt, such as perseverance, were very important,” explained Wendy.

Duncan, Sofia, Nora, and Sara

OCBC Cycle 2015

Photo: SportSG

Also there with the troops were couple Duncan and Sofia, along with their two young daughters, Nora and Sara. The family were looking forward to spending quality time together.

“This event was great fun! What I enjoyed most was just riding with my family. It’s important to be active as a family, and to do things together,” enthused Duncan.

Nora, too, chimed in with tips on the importance of keeping fit and healthy: “We eat a lot of fruit and train together all the time. We do a lot of biking and swimming!”

David Kristianto and son Jonathan

OCBC Cycle 2015

Photo: SportSG

David Kristianto, too, made good use of the event not just to bond with, but also to impart positive sporting values to his son, Jonathan.

“Such activities are very important because my kid can pick up lessons while we’re cycling together. I want to make sure that he understands that this is not a competition, and that it is important to just enjoy sports and see the importance of exercise and safety. I always remind him that we need to watch out not just for our own safety, but for others’ as well,” he remarked.

“Of course, I also found that this was a good way to bond with my son, and together with other parents and kids as well!”

David Chew and son Samuel

OCBC Cycle 2015

Photo: SportSG

Meanwhile, Samuel Chew relished the chance to engage in some outdoor fun with his father, David. Exclaiming that cycling was a favourite pastime of his, Samuel shared: “I enjoy the feeling of the wind when I cycle! But what I liked most about today was cycling with my dad.”

“I think such events are important because they expose the kids to the importance of safety when cycling. What’s also very important is that they get out in the sun once in a while; kids from this generation are always in air-conditioned rooms!” added David.

It would appear that cycling is a good alternative to beating the heat in Singapore then!

Kaushik Sengupta and son Aryan

OCBC Cycle 2015

Photo: SportSG

Grateful for this opportunity to spend time with his son Aryan was Kaushik Sengupta. Explaining that he often travelled and seldom had the chance to participate in bonding activities with his son, Kaushik was full of praise for the event.

“Such events are very important for family bonding. We don’t usually get much time to exercise, go out together, and meet people,” he revealed.

“Today’s activities have allowed us to take the time to build a stronger relationship, and also to meet new people. We’ve made new friends here too!"

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