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2XU run 2015 technology

Use of compression garments on the rise in Singapore

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A sight that has become ubiquitous with exercise and running culture in Singapore is the growing use of compression garments.

A runner sports compression leggings during the race

Compression garments are becoming a common sight in Singapore. Photo: Sport Singapore

Go on a jog around any estate in Singapore and you will see a proliferation of so called "weekend warriors" sporting the latest in these dermal accouterments.

Dr Edwin Chong, a Sports Physiologist at the Singapore Sport Institute, believed such clothing offered more than just fashion benefits. 

"While performance outcomes are often the central focus for any athlete or sport scientist, compression wear may have greater advantages to improve recovery following an exercise bout," he said. 

2XU run 2015
Compression wear offers more than just fashion benefits. Photo: Sport Singapore

"The rationale for wearing compression garment is strong but it is still in its infancy and research to date is limited. While some studies find physiological benefits, such as increased blood flow, increased muscle oxygenation, decreased blood lactate build-up and decreased muscle oscillations, these benefits may not directly translate to noticeable performance benefits.

"Thus, compression garments appear to be a better likelihood in facilitating with the recovery process rather than with performance. However, as no studies have reported negative effects of the use of compression garment on exercise performance, its use may provide a useful training tool for athletes across a wide variety of sports.

"If wearing compression garments put individuals and athletes in a sporting frame of mind and they feel good, then why not?"

So if it makes you feel good while you go about your exercise routine, why not give it a chance?

That was a view shared by the runners who participated on Sunday in “technical performance sports brand” 2XU’s run to promote its products that were supposedly “developed by athletes for athletes”. 

CEO of Sport Singapore, Lim Teck Yin (L) and Robert Lu, Managing Director of Key Power International flag off the runners

CEO of Sport Singapore, Lim Teck Yin (with flag), and Robert Lu, Managing Director of Key Power International, flag off the runners at the 2XU Compression Run 2015. Photo: Sport Singapore 

Over 20,000 runners took part in the 5th edition of the run held at Marina East Drive dressed in the best technical performance gear money can buy.

Sport Singapore CEO Lim Teck Yin also accepted a cheque of $15,000 from the organisers in support of SportCares at the event. 

For the full interview with Dr Edwin Chong, please click here.

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