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old boot technology

Transformation of the football boot from the working man's boot to the Nike Magista

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Photo Credit: Designboom

Photo: Designboom

Gold. The most revered element in human existence. A symbolism of human kind's quest to be perfect. Men have fought battles to possess it, travelled vast distances to claim it, and to this day it is a symbol of refinement. Perfection. Great human achievements are frequently rewarded with a gold token. Kings, Nobel peace laureates and most Olympians are celebrated with a crown, a medal or a trophy. Football's biggest stage came to a close and the Germans grabbed glory last time round.

Circa 1800s, England. Football was the working class' game of choice to relive the pressures of the day. All one needed was a ball and a field. During these time the work boot factory workers wore switched purposes from the factories to the pitch. High cut, heavy and very ungainly, every tackle was felt as these boots were made for the factory floor and not for the football field. When it rained, these steel toed shoes would get even heavier making it almost impossible to play.

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