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Getting kids to run, jump and throw

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Parents the world over are faced with the same dilemma. With so many digital distractions in modern life, how do we get our young ones interested in things other than pixels changing colour?

One option would be to ban them from their tablets, smart phones and other attention boxes. Or you could do what Tan Gee Keow did; she signed her son up for Kids Athletics. 

ActiveSG kids athletics

Children having fun during Kids Athletics. Photo: Sport Singapore

"I think if we left the kids alone, their preference is to sit on the sofa, work on their computers, play with their tablets," she said.

She found out about ActiveSG programmes from a friend.

"There are things like badminton in the sports hall, table tennis and there are many programs that we can actually engage in. My son’s already involved in swimming and we’ve signed him up for soccer."

She added that through these programs there was a wider range of physical activities compared to when she was in school.

Morales Menon, a Sport Development Manager at Singapore Athletics gave us a quick run down on Kids Athletics. 

According to Menon, Kids Athletics was first developed by the International Amateur Athletics Federation to educate children into sport in general and athletics in particular and thus promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

activesg kids athletics

Kids Athletics was first developed by the International Amateur Athletics Federation to educate children about sport in general and athletics in particular. Photo: Sport Singapore

Singapore Athletics, through its partnership with Sport Singapore, created the local version of Kids Athletics especially for children that may not have access to athletics training in their schools. 

"We take out the competition element in Kids Athletics, but they do get to test they know if they have bettered themselves after the ten week program," he said. 

We watched the children being put through their paces by coach Saravanan Tabethu, or coach Sara as he prefers to be known, and his team from Club Zoom Track and Field. 

Coach Sara, who spends his weekends working with the youngsters, had these parting words of wisdom: "Some can run, some can jump and some can throw, at the young development age, it is better to expose them to all varieties to (find out) where they really have the ability to prosper when they grow up." 

activesg kids athletics

Participating kids are exposed to various activities to help them develop loco-motor and object-control skills. Photo: Sport Singapore

      Modified athletics for children are beneficial for the development of fundamental movement skills.  Through athletics, children learn a great deal, especially their loco-motor and object-control skills, which will benefit them when they participate in other sports later on in life.

Find out more about ActiveSG KIDS Programmes and have some fun at the same time trying out modified sports for children at these outreach events:

  • ActiveSG Kids Sports Pavilion @ Rise and Shine Festival 2015, Suntec City (28-30 Aug) 
  • ActiveSG Outreach @ Hougang Central Hub (19-20 Sep) 

Or reach and grab your digital distraction and click on this url