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Sports Time Capsule part 5: Opportunities abound

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Having already introduced 40 of the items going into the nation’s Sports Time Capsule, we will now bring you through the last 10! This final edition will come with a bit of a twist, though. Rather than being completely sports-related items, they have been selected to symbolize the theme of “opportunities for all”.

Keeping in line with Singapore’s sporting industry’s emphasis on developing the potential in everyone, these 10 items represent the achievements of different groups of young people, hailing from all walks of life.

Yang Ji Wei’s sheng

Leading the charge of talented young people is musician Yang Ji Wei, a recipient of the prestigious 2015 Singapore Youth Award. He will be donating his sheng, a traditional Chinese music instrument, to the time capsule. The co-founder and executive director of The TENG Company – a firm aimed at promoting and developing Chinese instrumental music – hopes to highlight the importance of hard work and determination to youths in Singapore.

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Photo: SportSG

Book from the National Youth Council

The National Youth Council will be donating a compilation of anecdotes and quotes from former recipients of the Singapore Youth Award. The Council, along with the past winners, hopes that these accounts will help inspire future generations.

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Photo: SportSG

SportCares beneficiary Zul’s memorabilia

Mohamed Zulkhairi Putera, or Zul, has set aside a framed picture, his National Inter-School Track and Field Championships ‘C’ Division gold medal, and a write-up on his inspirational achievements for the time capsule. A former participant under the SportCares programme, Sport Singapore’s social foundation that uses sports to help at-risk and underprivileged youths, Zul is now developing his passion and talent in athletics at the Singapore Sports School.

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Photo: SportSG

Singapore Sports School 28th SEA Games poster

The Singapore Sports School, considered the leading developmental institution for the nation’s young athletes, will be presenting a poster featuring all of the school’s student-athletes who competed at the recent 28th SEA Games. Notably, the school’s athletes, both past and present, were responsible for securing 32 of the 84 gold medals Singapore garnered at the recent Games.

Book of Aspirations by Singapore Sports School

The other keepsake from the Sports School is a collection of aspirations from 10 of its student-athletes, bound together in a book. These 10 youths specialize in 10 of the nation’s favourite sports: badminton, bowling, fencing, football, golf, netball, shooting, swimming, table tennis, and track and field.

Tay Wei Ming’s badminton racket

While para badminton player Tay Wei Ming’s badminton racket features under the item category of “sports excellence”, his successes also represent the presence of opportunities for all aspiring athletes in Singapore, regardless of physical ability.

Partially disabled due to Erb’s Palsy, Wei Ming does not have full function in one of his arms. Yet, he already boasts two ASEAN Para Games gold medals (2011) and two Para Badminton World Championships bronze medals (2013) to his name. The racket that he will donate had been used during the latter competition.

Book from nEbO

nEbO, or “nobody Enjoys being Ordinary”, is a lifestyle club and a junior subsidiary of the Labour Movement (NTUC). The book that they will be placing into the time capsule is titled “Gift to the Nation: My Story. Our Aspirations. One Heartbeat”, and shares short features on 50 young nEbO members.

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Photo: SportSG

Book from Youth Corps Singapore

Youth Corps Singapore, a youth volunteer programme that was initiated just last year, will also be chipping in with a book. The book documents the community projects, both local and international, that the first batch of volunteer leaders had participated in.

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Photo: SportSG

Youth Expedition Project journals

Meanwhile, the Youth Expedition Project, a service-learning programme for young volunteers, will contribute a set of journals to the time capsule. These accounts, compiled into the YEP Journal Volumes 1 and 2: Journeys of Hearts, Hands, and Minds, will comprise of reflections and learning points from the youths who have been involved in such community projects.

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Photo: SportSG

Book from The Young Entrepreneur Mastery

My Voice – Breaking Free Volume 2 is a book that offers youths a channel to reveal their deepest secrets and thoughts amid a culture that does not necessarily encourage expression. Put together by The Young Entrepreneur Mastery, a programme for youth development, this initiative hopes to raise awareness of problems that our nation’s young people may be facing, and to help society better understand them.

So there we go, 50 historic items that will be preserved in the Sports Time Capsule, and revisited 25 years later. These excellent exemplars of the progress that we have made as a nation, following just 50 years of independence, will certainly serve as sources of inspiration to future generations.
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