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The Merchandising Girls

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“It’s our first day here!”

merchandising girls
Meet “The Merchandising Girls” at OCBC Aquatic Centre - Amy Ong, Alicia Teo and Dawn Yeo. Photo credit: Winnie Goh and Daniel Chua

Meet “The Merchandising Girls” at OCBC Aquatic Centre - Amy Ong, Alicia Teo and Dawn Yeo - students from Republic Polytechnic’s Sports and Leisure Management. From 3 to 16 June, these girls will be managing the merchandising booth at the OCBC Aquatic Centre West Entrance, a job they volunteered for when approached by their school. The girls signed up to gain working experience and to help make history at the 28th Southeast Asian Games.

According to them, sales are not shabby as customers are really friendly and most of them already have an interest in purchasing merchandise. The bestselling items at the booth so far are the pink and black singlets with prices starting from $19.90; probably because leggy Dawn models in them!

Besides serving customers and promoting the items, Alicia mentioned how much she enjoyed interacting with customers, and the relevancy it had to her course. With a big smile, she introduced her three favourite items at the booth: a 5-in-1 lunch box, the Nila mascot aplush and an ordinary red pouch that can do wonders.

5-in-1 Lunch Box (cutlery set included)

Made from recycled rice husk, this lunch box which includes cutlery is an environmentalist’s dream come true. According to the girls, this lunch box was designed with an aim to sustain our planet; that it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It retails at $39.90.

Nila Mascot Plush

merchandising girls

Photo credit: Winnie Goh and Daniel Chua

A welcome sight at the Games! With his fiery mane and adorable heart-shaped face which represents passion and friendship respectively, Nila is a must-buy item for all spectators catching the games at OCBC Aquatic Centre!

3-in-1 Red Bag

This seemingly ordinary pouch (below) can transform into a duffle bag, sling bag and backpack. Retailing at $29.90, the girls think that this is an absolute steal! Besides, the pouch also boasts many compartments, and will definitely be useful for backpackers and campers. 

merchandising girls
Photo credit: Winnie Goh and Daniel Chua

Do drop by the booth and pick up a SEA Games souvenir! Amy, Alicia and Dawn will be at the West Entrance of the OCBC Aquatic Centre until 16 June.

This author of this article is a volunteer content producer with Team Nila. For more content produced by Team Nila, please head to the 28th SEA Games Social Wall.

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