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Spectator Spotlights

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DakDae – Mr. Thailand Khamthong - is a popular 49-year-old Thai celebrity, often seen on the Thai national television as a comedian, singer and announcer.

Spectator spotlights

DakDae – Mr. Thailand Khamthong Photo credit: SINGSOC

He shared that he flies to many countries to support Thailand in sporting events such as the Olympics Games, and hence will be visiting Singapore again in December for the 8th ASEAN Para Games. For the 28th SEA Games, he has been rushing from venue to venue in support of his home team. While it is hard to predict wins, “I just want everyone to enjoy [themselves and the games]”, he beamed. And indeed, he entertained the crowd during the Mixed Doubles final match.

His spirit never faltered, even when the Thai pair conceded defeat to the more experienced Singapore pair. When asked about his costume, he proudly mentioned that it was self-designed and handmade, except for his purchased headwear. Do say hi to him if you are planning to support the games in person, as it will be impossible to miss him!

Mr. and Mrs. Lee, both retirees, were spotted watching the table tennis matches at the Singapore Indoor Stadium intently, amongst the cheering crowd. Mr. Lee surprised us with his extensive knowledge about the game and the athletes, as well as his predictions on certain games. When we expressed surprise and admiration at his knowledge, he explained that he is an avid table tennis player and plays regularly at his community center.

Spectator spotlights
Mr and Mrs Lee. Photo credit: SINGSOC

“We have been coming here to support [the athletes] since the first day of matches,” said Mr Lee in Mandarin.

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