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Singapore 1-2-3

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Singapore took home one medal of each colour on the first day of #SEAGAMES2015 #bowling, with Javier Tan providing the Bronze in Men's Singles, and Daphne Tan and Jazreel Tan clinching the Gold and Silver respectively in the Women's Singles event.

Making good shots and giving his hundred percent -- the principles drilled into the team through months of training -- stayed with Javier as he fought for the Bronze. Even when he climbed onto the top three positions before his last game, he did not let the pressure break his focus.

"At the end of the day, we all want to have medals, but focusing on that won't help with the scoring," said Javier. "So I just focused on my game, and ended up on the podium. I didn't have many strikes; I couldn't carry those pins, but I just ground it out, picked up the spares and tried to bowl a decent game."

Muhammad Rafiq Ismail of #MAS Malaysia took the Gold, while the Silver medal went to #THA Thailand's Annop Arromsaranon.

Daphne found that the home crowd's appreciative cheers were encouraging rather than pressurising. Taking each cheer as an incentive to do even better, she bowled a turkey -- or three strikes in a row -- in her last frame of the last (sixth) game, to loud claps from the crowd even before she had nailed her last strike.

Fellow Singaporean Jazreel Tan took Silver, and Esther Cheah of Malaysia took Bronze on a technicality that requires the Bronze to be awarded to the fourth-placed bowler if one country were to sweep all the top three spots. As a result, although Singapore's Cherie Tan beat Esther by three pinfalls, based on the rules, Cherie was placed fourth in the final results.

Going forward, the teams hope to add to their haul over the next five days, with Daphne hoping for more gold medals from the female keglers. "The girls' team, as a whole, is strong, so everybody stands a chance and it's really anybody's game," she said.

Javier Tan, Daphne Tan and Jazreel Tan all collect medals on Day 4 of the 28th SEA Games. Photo: Lee Seow Ser/SINGSOC

Jazreel, Daphne, Javier (from left to right) flashing smiles and medals. Photo: Lee Seow Ser/SINGSOC

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