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SG Breaking: Fencers Add 3 to the Tally

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Congratulations to our TeamSG Fencer Kevin Jerrold Chan, who has snagged the 5th Fencing medal for Singapore!

Kevin edged out fellow national, Joshua Ian Lim, 15-10 in the Men's Individual Foil Quarter Finals earlier today. But eventually succumbed to THA opponent 15-6 in the Semi Final match to win Singapore's fourth Bronze medal. 

In the Women's Sabre Semi Finals, 15-year-old Lau Ywen narrowly lost to her Thai counterpart after an exhilarating 15-13 match, securing herself a joint Bronze medal.

In the Women's Epee Semi Finals, Rahardja Rania Herlina clinched the joint Bronze after an intense fight against her Filipino opponent, with a score of 15-10.

Well done! We are so proud of you!

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