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Meet the members of Team Nila at Singapore Indoor Stadium

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Ever wondered how and why some of us volunteered to join Team Nila? Today, we chatted with a few to get to know them better.

Fifteen-year-old Guhanavel S/O Ashok Kumar and Muhd Edry are currently serving as Events Services volunteers, Ceremonies and Proceedings Officer (Opening and Closing Ceremony), and General Usher roles respectively. Moreover, Guhanavel is also a dancer during the athlete march-pass for the upcoming Opening Ceremony this Friday evening too! 

Meet the Members of Team Nila @ Singapore Indoor Stadium
Guhanavel S/O Ashok Kumar (left) and Muhd Edry. Photo credit: Randi Ang, SINGSOC

When asked on their reasons for joining, Guhanavel proudly said that his key reason were to set an example for his schoolmates at Queenstown Secondary School especially since he is a prefect. Furthermore he also saw it as a good opportunity to meet many people, adding that it would be a good exposure for him as an aspiring lawyer and politician when it comes with interacting with others.

Like Guhanavel, Edry from Westwood Secondary School also volunteered to get a chance to meet new people, stepping out of his comfort zone to interact with others including many international athletes present. He added that it was also a good chance to get some work experience and learn more about his future career options. Edry, as a football fanatic and member of his school’s football team, he was disappointed initially at not being to the football venues but the Singapore Indoor Stadium, however he took a positive spin to it remarking: “This assignment is also something new for me to try”.

He also shared that his most memorable match at the Indoor Stadium was the Men’s Singles table tennis match on Tuesday when Philippines’ Richard Gonzales faced off against Ficky Santoso. Adding that it was rather inspiring to watch as Gonzales managed to claw back a win at 3-2 despite trailing 0-2 to Santoso initially, remarking “(Gonzales demonstrated) fighting spirit and not giving up even when you are losing”, especially since at 44 years old he is 20 years older than the younger for hot blooded Santoso.

As a closing remark, Guhanavel said: “volunteering is a good experience as they are exposed to the outside world (and) there is more to life than just studying”. Ever the football fan, Edry would like to wish the Singapore Football Team the best of luck in their upcoming game.

On the medical front

Meet the Members of Team Nila @ Singapore Indoor Stadium
Chua Chong and Ruzana, from Medical Services, are on First-Aid standby. Photo Credit: Loy Kheng Wee, SINGSOC

Young as they might be at the age of 15, Chua Chong and Ruzana are certified First-Aiders volunteering at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, under the Medical Services functional area. They hold the responsibility of caring for the spectators’ and athletes’ health in times of need, which is very relevant to what they learn within their co-curricular activity St. John’s Ambulance Brigade. “It was our teacher who came up with the suggestion to sign up at first,” said Ruzana. Both of them shared that in retrospect, it was a good idea to participate and the experience has been great so far.

This author of this article is a volunteer content producer with Team Nila. For more content produced by Team Nila, please head to the 28th SEA Games Social Wall.

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