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Little ones fired up for Swimming

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Faith (middle) happy to watch the match. Photo: SINGSOC
Faith (middle) happy to watch the match. Photo: SINGSOC

It’s eight in the morning but the kids are up and about, soaking up the atmosphere in the OCBC Aquatics Centre to catch a glimpse of their favourite swimmers. Today kicks off the first day of swimming that lasts for the next five days, and these small but spirited future swimmers sat amongst the spectators, ready to kick it off with them.

In the stands, Faith Sumpownoi, 5, watched the swimmers warming up in the pool with curiosity. Her mother, Angeline Seet, 45, says “It’s exciting to be here because it’s the first time we’re bringing Faith to watch a sporting event.”

“I like being in the pool. It feels nice,” said Faith. Both her and her father, Thanapark Sumpownoi, 36, are avid swimmers themselves.

Besides swimming, the family is also taking time off to watch the other upcoming SEA Games events. “We are also going to catch the netball match tomorrow, and football!”

Even though they were unable to get tickets for the swimming finals, they managed to catch the heats personally this morning and spend time together with their shared love for the sport.

It was the same for the Tan family, but their enthusiasm goes way beyond the shallow waters. Tyler and Ethan Tan, 5, were excited to see their favourite swimmer, Joseph Schooling, in the next few days.

Tyler (first from left) outside the OCBC Aquatic Centre, ready to catch the games. Photo: SINGSOC
Tyler (first from left) outside the OCBC Aquatic Centre, ready to catch the games. Photo: SINGSOC

Although Ethan is no longer swimming, Tyler is still going for classes. “I like to exercise my arms, so I swim,” he said while demonstrating a butterfly stroke.

When asked if he had anything to say to Schooling, he bounced up from his seat and said “Keep up the good work!”

The 28th SEA Games is a first for many of the young and aspiring swimmers to catch the live action up close and hopefully, they will be inspired by the swimmers to continue swimming in the future.

1) This author of this article is a volunteer content producer with Team Nila. For more content produced by Team Nila, please head to the 28th SEA Games Social Wall.

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