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Five frequently asked questions about Petanque

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1. What is Petanque?

Petanque (pay-Tonk) is a game that involves tossing or rolling hollow steel balls as close as possible to a wooden ball, known as the jack or cochonnet on a gravel terrain. 

Boules on a collision course. Photo credit: Chris Tan/ SINGSOC

2. What skills do you need to play Petanque?

No special skills are required. Just be inquisitive and patient.

3. How long does it take to pick up the sport?

Approximately 15 minutes to learn to play it socially.

4. Is Petanque fun?

Petanque is a very interactive sport, so it is an overall fun sport for recreation, family and social bonding. You get to meet new friends too!

5. Are rules of Petanque complicated?

Not really. The overall aim is to throw the hollow steel balls as close as possible to the jack. The player should have his legs together firmly on the ground in a ring while making the throw. When all the balls are thrown, points are counted. The player whose ball is closest to the jack wins the round.

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