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Alisia Tan and her family decked in red to support Singapore  Photo by: Jenani D/O Selvaraj family

Families and friends unite to cheer on Team Singapore

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The 28th SEA Games 2015 officially kick starts today (5 June) with the opening ceremony, but the love for sports starts way earlier.

Events such as Synchronised Swimming commenced on 1 June. Spectators seen at the Synchronised Swimming Team Free Routine Finals proved that the ‘early bird gets the worms’ – their enthusiasm was overwhelming as the stadium was filled with their cheers.

Alisia Tan and her family decked in red to support Singapore  Photo by: Jenani D/O Selvaraj

UNITED IN RED: Alisia Tan and her family decked in red to support Singapore. (Photo by Jenani D/O Selvaraj)

Alisia Tan and her family were amongst the supporters. The group was adorned in red t-shirts to support Singapore and one of their family members, Valerie Tan, who was one of the pre- swimmers for the Team Free Routine Finals. According to Alisia, this event was one that bonded the family together.

Maria Wan, another supporter of Synchronised Swimming, expressed her gratitude for the staff behind this event: “The organisers have been putting in a lot of effort to get this together.”

“They paid attention to small details such as litter around the pool that may affect the swimmers, and that is what Synchronised Swimming is about; the details, elaborate costumes with beautiful make-up, all these are time-consuming and not easy to do,” she finished with a smile.

Supporters Denise and Raihan, who were rooting for their friend Crystal Yap, said that they “performed well”. 

When asked if they had anything to say to our athletes, they replied: “continue working hard and do Singapore proud!”

This author of this article is a volunteer content producer with Team Nila. For more content produced by Team Nila, please head to the 28th SEA Games Social Wall.

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