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Sgt Ken Parent- Child Boot Camp family

Family fitness with SGT Ken

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The first time he saw a promotional poster about ActiveSG’s Sgt Ken Parent-Child bootcamp in his ActiveSG gym, David Ling thought nothing about it.

When he received an email from ActiveSG about the bootcamp and saw that the event would be held during the March one-week school holidays, he took leave and signed up immediately with his two children. 

Sgt Ken Parent- Child Boot Camp
David Ling and his two sons. (Photo by VoxSports)

“We don't exercise as a family regularly, but we try to, as much as possible. Since they started being able to walk and run, I bring them to the nature reserves and play some football,” said the Singapore Armed Forces regular serviceman.

Ling, together with his two children, Sonny and Dean Yang, were put through their paces by Sergeant Ken Weichert, a.k.a SGT Ken, during the bootcamp at Toa Payoh Sports Hall on 19 March.

Both parents and kids were sweating profusely when the bootcamp ended, but they were happy that they had spent the morning bonding over exercise.

Said Ling: “We enjoyed spending time together and sweating it out as a family. SGT Ken was very engaging and he led us on a full body workout. We are very sore now, but very happy.”

As for SGT Ken himself, it was the first time Weichert had ever conducted a parent-child bootcamp and he welcomed the change in demographics.

“Eco Lifestyle, my sponsor for the Asia Fitness Convention, have been trying to get me to come to Asia, specifically Singapore, to do bootcamps,” said Weichert, who is stationed with the Tennessee Army National Guard in Nashville.

“So, this is the first time we have been able to do this and it’s also the first time in the world that we have done a parent-child bootcamp. 

Sgt Ken Parent- Child Boot Camp

This is the first time in the world that SGT Ken has done a parent-child bootcamp. (Photo by VoxSports)

“The reason I love doing bootcamps is because civilians do it because they want to do it. In the military, they have to do it. You can tell the difference in energy levels.

“When I worked today with the parents and children, I saw their happy faces even though the exercises were hard. They also created a connection and a bond when they did those exercises together. 

Sgt Ken Parent- Child Boot Camp
Happy faces were a common sight at the bootcamp. (Photo by VoxSports)

“For me as a teacher, that felt very good to watch this.”

For Khairulnizam Jemaat and his 11-year-old son, Muhammad Iman Firdaus, signing up for the bootcamp required very little thought as the family usually exercise together.

“We work out as a family not only in the gym, but at home as well since we have resistance bands and a treadmill in our house,” the 40-year-old said.

Sgt Ken Parent- Child Boot Camp

Khairulnizam Jemaat and his 11-year-old son, Muhammad Iman Firdaus. (Photo by VoxSports)

“So we signed up immediately after hearing about this bootcamp because it’s a very good opportunity to train with one of the top trainers in the world and to be part of this historic moment.”

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